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Creating custom commands in Linux uisng ALIAS

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In this tutorial, we’ll see how to create custom commands using alias command. By this, the command that we create will get expired or removed automatically when you close the terminal or close the session. It will be temporary in nature but will be very effective and can be created multiple times.

How this will help you!?

When you create custom commands what you are doing is you are shortening the command and making it easy for yourself by eliminating the hassle of remembering the whole command and with this, the chance of error also get reduced.

Follow the steps :

  • fire up the terminal.
  • get the sudo access using sudo -s -> enter the password
  • type alias test=’ps -aux’

some alias examples.

Note: – here I’m using the test as my custom command name in your case it could be any followed by the command itself. make sure that there is no space in between them.

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