Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Unveiling-The DARK WEB

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Since its evolution, the Internet has connected people across the world and served as a hub for all kinds of knowledge. A single click and you can have access to almost anything you want, but beware! there’s an “almost” in the statement. There’s a vast expanse of stuff you probably don’t even know, that happens across the INTERNET.
 Apparently, there’s a dark side to everything and so is there to the INTERNET, by the name dark web.It’s that part of the world wide web which cannot be indexed by the search engines and therefore cannot be directly accessed. Dark web is a platform run by anonymous operators and it fosters smuggling, murders and all sort of illegal activities.The people who operate at these levels are dangerously intelligent world-class
hackers.The intensity of crime which happens through the dark web is impalpable but it’s huge, huge enough to scare even the top level intelligence organizations such as the FBI.
According to a study, about 80% of the activities on the dark web are composed of child pornography.There is something by the name silk road and red room on the dark web. Silk road is connected to drugs whereas red room is the brutal extreme a human can imagine.People are literally drilled, cut into pieces, and murdered viciously in exchange for money.
Tor-Onion Routing

Accessing the dark web requires specialized tools and knowledge. TOR is an example of such a tool which uses a concept called as onion routing to ensure access as well as the anonymity of the user.Anyhow, the dark web has gone on to become a hub for underground criminals and hackers to carry out all sorts of malicious activities despite the efforts of the intelligence bureaus.The recent on-line sale of people’s yahoo and Gmail account passwords was a very small testimony to the levels to which they can compromise security and privacy.So people, better be well informed!

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