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Social media-An addiction (Whatsapp new Update)

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This generation,yet in their young age,is mostly addicted to social media and to such levels that these young people post each and every thing happening in their life on social media and want it to be shared with and appreciated by everyone,may it be their friend or family(doubts here:p).Hardly a day goes by without spending hours on social media. Posting each and everything going now and then , here and there, woah, a day without this is clearly unimaginable,isn’t it?(sarcasm intended).

Whatsapp and Facebook collaboration:

MOST POPULAR NOWADAYS ARE FACEBOOK AND WHATSAPP. I think I’m not in touch with any person who doesn’t use whatsapp. Not only youngsters ,it’s an addiction for every age group. And what’s more interesting – whatsapp is now connected with FACEBOOK and it’s an evident fact that facebook followers outnumber every other social media site and looks like the trend is going to continue. MARK ZUCKERBERG has earned a fortune and is probably going to keep walking this path because,come on folks,we all know how very addictive our “fb”can be.

 Facebook-snapchat relation:

Facebook & Snapchat – Relationship Status: “It’s complicated”
Mack Zuckerberg tried to collaborate with snapchat as well but this was an unsuccessful attempt.
Evan Spiegel-CEO snapchat denied the proposal of collaboration worth $3 billion ,in 2013 . Now the amount has been hiked to $16 billion. Let’s see if Mr. Zuckerberg can break this one through.

 Reason for Update in Whatsapp:

We know updates in an apps are targeted at  making them more attractive and easy to use. Obviously using the same thing overtime makes it boring. BUT  the new update in whatsapp is not so catchy.Why so?Probably because it is “inspired”(alright,copied) from snapchat. We look forward to something unique from your side,whatsapp…

Update in whatsapp:

The earlier trend of keeping permanent status has bid goodbye,looks like whatsapp is asking us to be more frequent,by posting photos as our status,which remain just for 24 hours and can be viewed according to the privacy setting of user.

Well,trends keep changing and so they will,but all we hope for is change in trend of this addiction.Sounds about right!

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