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Have you ever appreciated someone today? When was the last time you did the same? Meanwhile you might be thinking the answers to the above questions, we would like you to think how you feel when someone appreciates you. Whenever someone appreciates us for our work or gives us some kind of compliment, we feel cheered up and motivated. Your appreciation can simply change someone’s day or even one’s life, its just your will to put forth what you feel into complimenting words.
The Proof.
Let us proove this with the help of a story. Once in a shopping complex, there came one person and started complaining the receptionist vigorously. He was almost shouting at that guy but surprisingly the receptionist listened his each and every word and apologized for something which was not her fault at all. Next customer came in for billing and he was the one who saw the whole incident. The man went ahead and said these words “I am pleased by the way you tackled that customer before me, he was shouting at you and you managed to remain calm and cool him down as well. I appreciate the way you handled the whole situation”. Receptionist’s tired and dull face suddenly turned into a smiling and fresh one. This is the power of appreciation. Whenever we are appreciated, we come to know that we are doing the right thing and this gives us more motivation to continue our good work.
Choose Them Intelligently
While making a compliment to someone we should choose our words carefully. We should always go for the kind of compliment which the other person remembers for a long time. A compliment from an unexpected person at an unexpected time can make someone’s day far better. Avoid the compliments like nice, awesome etc. They are too common these days. Imagine someone saying to a super model “you are too beautiful”, she won’t even react because it must be the millionth time someone saying the same to her. So if we compliment, we should make sure it to be the memorable one for the person receiving. 
What it takes?
It takes nothing but your guts and will to make someone smile and feel motivated or encouraged towards their work. In most cases we become too egoistic to appreciate someones good deeds. We think why should we? In that case we need to swap the position and then think the same, and we will find the solution right in front of us. Our one step forward can start new relations, make someones day and much more.  Those who still feel that egoistic to do so, they just need to do it for themselves then, because when you will appreciate someone for their good work towards you, they are surely going to make it their habit, maybe just for the sake of your appreciation but your work is done. Right?
So next time whenever you come across someone who is doing a good job, just go on and appreciate that person and be someone to lift up his day. Whenever you come across someone who got something to be complimented on, just do it and be the reason of the smile on their face ( remember to make it unique ). And last but not the least whenever someone does you a favor just say these 2 words.


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