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Hyperloop-What is it?

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When we talk about hyperloop, the meaning varies from context to context. In computing, it is a control structure in which a loop repeats until either a stopping condition is met or all possible values of the looping index have been checked. While in physics, it refers to quantum mechanical paradox resulting from the observer being a product of the observations that it makes. Sorry people! we ain’t going to discuss any of them.

Hyperloop tube

We are talking about this hot technology introduced or I should say reintroduced by Elon Musk. It is a high-speed transportation system which uses induction motors and air compressors. They are pressurized capsules that ride on an air cushion through reduced pressure tubes.

All of us have experienced those overcrowded tubes or subways or metros, not forgetting their speed and the struggle to get in. Millions of people use public transportation on the daily basis for conveyance. So it has become really important to upgrade to a faster and reliable mode of transportation. The speculations for these high-speed trains are being made for more than a decade. 

Hyperloop is one of those solutions and said to be the most efficient solution. Unlike bullet trains, the manufacturing cost is low therefore investment in such a project is affordable. And also solves the speed related issues as it’s speed is compared to that of airlines.
The technology involved is very reliable and practical.

In India, this debate regarding bullet trains is taking rounds everywhere. But considering the manufacturing cost, it is difficult to launch bullet trains in India. So Hyperloop can be a better alternative for us. Which brings me to the news that Mr. Nitin Gadkari the Union Minister of transport has a letter of intent to build a hyperloop in India. Some good news there!
We are going to have a good network of Hyperloop in our country which shall solve all the contemporary problems related to public transport. Thus, a huge transformation in transportation is going to take place.

Hopes and cheers for a better lifestyle that we Indians going to experience.
Keep working and let this world of technology surprise us even more.

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