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Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change The World Around You

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Syda Productions/ShutterstockOur world is made up of lots of people doing lots of things all the time. Psychology can help you to understand your own and other people’s behaviour better. Following are just a few of the ways you can deploy psychology in your life. Some people might call these items hacks, shortcuts, or even manipulation techniques. But all can be socially useful—and are based on sound psychological principles.

1) Whenever you need a favour, open with “I need your help.”

Admit it. We all love to get others to do stuff for us. Either because we are lazy, or because we really need some help to complete a task.
Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change Every Damn Thing For YouSocial dynamics show that when it comes to platonic relationships, nobody really likes a dull person. So whenever you need a favour, start your sentence with “I need your help.”In most cases, people will accept your request and help you out. This occurs because we don’t really like the guilt of not helping someone out and we do like to be the one who is capable of helping.

2) Chewing gum could help.  

Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change Every Damn Thing For You  Chew gum when you’re approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping. If we are ‘eating’ something, our brain trips and it reasons ‘I  would not be eating if I were the danger. So I’m not in danger’. 

3) Pay attention to people’s feet when you are approaching them.
Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change Every Damn Thing For You

Interrupting people when they are in the middle of an important conversation is one of the most annoying things to do. It shows that you have zero knowledge of social dynamics which will lead to unpleasant social situations.
When you approach a group of people while in a conversation, pay attention to their bodies. If they turn only their torsos and not their feet, it means they are in the middle of an important conversation and they don’t want you to interrupt them.
If they turn both torso and feet, it means you are welcome. This is extremely important, because the right timing in such situations may put you in a position of advantage, especially if the conversation was boring for both sides.

Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change Every Damn Thing For You4) Use the power of silence.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone asked you about something you’d rather not like to tell? It’s pretty safe to assume that we’ve all been in situations like this countless times. However, in some situations some people inexplicably seemed to be able to reveal a lot more than we would have liked to reveal.
One psychological hack to accomplish this is to simply make use of the power of silence. If you’re not satisfied with an answer somebody gave you, remain silent and keep looking at them. Usually, the combination of awkward silence and firm eye contact will pressure your counterpart to bridge the silence by revealing more. 

5) Stand up straight, have warm hands and always keep eye contact. 

• Keep a straight posture and walk like a born leader. This sub-communicates confidence and others will respect you automatically.
• Keep your hands out of your pockets. If you don’t know what to do with them, it is better to fold your arms rather than keep them inside your pockets.
• Keep your hands warm. If you have a warm hand when you shake somebody’s hand, you immediately become a more desirable person to get along with. Secret Tip – wash your hands with warm water often to keep them warm.
• You have heard this a thousand times. Here is the 1001st. – never lose eye contact! Losing eye contact is like losing your confidence. One cool trick when first meeting someone is to focus on their eye colour and smile at the same time. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, and taking the extra second to gaze shows you are confident and present. (Be sure to move your eyes away periodically, a constant stare will creep people out.)

6) Smile Heals everything.
Psychological Life Hacks That Will Change Every Damn Thing For YouIf you make the biggest smile you can, you will automatically feel happier.
” A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.”
The above psychological hacks have been continuously practised by successful people for decades. They will now allow you to gain important advantages or more control of potential outcomes in various areas of everyday life.
Yes of course! You can thank us later…

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