Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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CyanogenMod Dead or Alive?

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One of the greatest open source projects is shutting down its services by coming 31 December. There is no much information available what they are planning for future.


One of the questions that arise is there any plans for the future? The shutting down of the CyanogenMod project is not literally the end of cyanogen, there are many communities that will keep on working and also the source code is also available to use in case someone wants to build its own custom ROM.

cyanogen official page

 There are many videos available on youtube from where someone can get the basic idea on how to build a custom CyanogenMod ROM.

From now the official website that is used to be, is not working or has been removed as it is down for some reason. The devices that are running on cyanogen OS will no longer receive any further update. If you are using nightly version of the Cyanogen ROM’s then either you have to flash stock ROM or has to stick with the version of the cyanogen ROM that you are using.

The Cyanogen team is no longer able to maintain the services or able to provide that level of services that cyanogen user are used too. But there is one thing that you have to keep in mind

“When something leaves, leaves for good”. The same ideology is being followed by the Cyanogen. They are been working on their new project and that project is “lineage OS”

Check out their official website

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