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6 Negative Traits of Person

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Think of the people you are surrounded with and how they impact your life. There are people with cheerful nature, natural buoyancy, and intelligence. They are the source of pleasure they help you to grow and rise over the obstacle you face in life. Then there are people who pull you down and create an obstacle in your way. It is a great ability to distinguish between these two types which give you untold power in life.

Traits of Person
The problem is almost all of us learned to disguise our feelings and intention early on in life. The people with negative traits usually disguise his nature in saintly aura which made it hard to recognize them. It is a great art to identify these people. In this topic, I tried to arm you with the knowledge which I gather from different books and real life event which help you to know how to recognize this negative person and their type so that you know how to deal with them when you recognize them.
The first thing to understand is you should never trust appearances. Anyone having ill will for others can disguise in saintly or noble appearance. The aggressive bully may be hiding his insecurity or the moralizer may be making the show to hide his self-interest. People usually hide their ugly trait with the opposite. Never trust the version that people give of themselves- it is utterly unreliable.
Secondly, In judging or measuring people never rely on instincts you will make the greatest mistake of all if you rely on such inexact indicator nothing can substitute for gathering concrete knowledge. You must study person’s history, his past deeds, and relation. The person who once backstabbed one’s friend can do that to you. It needs a great effort to change one’s nature. Study and understand people and this knowledge will be the greatest weapon you have in your life.
This is the 6 negative traits you must identify in people you are surrounded with in order to secure yourself from their negative impact. Just not only identify them but also try to root out this trait from your own nature.
Envy: – We all feel envious of someone who has greater talent than us but we tell ourselves that the success of another person is just matter of luck or it came through connections but for some people, this goes deeper, maybe because of their insecurity. For them the only way to get rid the feeling of inferiority is to obstruct the path of the person or destroy the position or reputation of a person. But they won’t admit that they did it because of envy but find some more acceptable social excuse. They won’t even admit their envy themselves. Which make it difficult to recognize this quality in people. But we can look for some signs like Excessive praise is almost a sure sign that person envies you he must be plotting for your fall. If the person is hypercritical of you or who slander you publically probably envy you as well. Also if you sense unusual levels of insecurity in person he or she is more prone to envy.
Even if the Envy is hard to cure it is relatively easy to prevent. Make sure your actions don’t trigger this feeling never brag about your achievements. If you have natural talent in some area usually display some weakness in another area. You can display interest in their work or even ask for their advice because if you ask for someone’s help you place them at a higher position than yours and people at higher position never get envied with someone lower. Be extra sure not to stir this emotion in your superior else it will be disastrous. They are your superior and want too felt they are superior because of their superior quality not because of luck. Any action to deny it can spell death.
If you find someone who Envies and tries to harm you. Then try to leave their presence and not to take his actions personally. At the same time tries to secure your position and slowly isolate him.
 If you are already at a position that is secure from any envy then you can use opposite approach make your talent shine and make your superiority obvious. They will get trap them in their envious feeling while you are free. Make your achievements their living hell. This will be sweetest and long lasting revenge on Envious.
Gloomy: – There are men of gloomy character who regard everything a faulty not from any evil motive but because it is their nature that they condemn all.
They follow procedure without even knowing why maybe because this procedure is worked in past and they deny any other way of doing things. They get highly defensive and criticize badly about new procedure comes to light even if their procedure is proven wrong many times.
On a contrary, a wise man adapts according to the situation the procedures worked in past are useless now because the situation is changed drastically. But gloomy people are not just afraid themselves to experiment that they also stop you from disrupting their procedure. It is useless to fight against people’s rigid way or argue against the irrational concept. You only waste time and make yourself rigid in the process. The best strategy is to accept this rigidness in people outwardly agreeing their way but inwardly work to maintain your spirit. In the end, the one who can adapt to the situation will be successful in a long run.
Hopelessly Insecure: – Every one of us had felt insecure in our life. When our best friend gives more attention to someone or maybe when our girlfriend laughs on someone else joke but we soon learn to deal with this feeling The importance of giving space to people we love, To have some degree of detachment with our work and learn not to take thing personally.
But there are some people who have a very fragile ego. They will take any criticism of their work as an attack on their vanity. If there lover withdraw their attention as it happens in every relation they will take it as a sign of betrayal. If he felt deceived or someone taking something they liked away from them they will take it as an attack on their vanity and will be desperate to repair the damage. They will hide their insecurity from world and attack you in bits which will take forever you to notice. He will attack you by making offhand comments and slowly ruining your reputation. Ignore these symptoms and you will die a slow death.
To see if you are dealing with such type of person test them first- make a mild joke at something they possibly insecure of, a confident person will laugh; an overly insecure person will react as personally insulted. If you suspect you are dealing with this type then disappear don’t stay around them or else suffer the consequence.
Self-obsessive: – Our work and actions revolve around our own self-interest. Even we are helping other we have maybe unconsciously needed to be liked by them and be seen righteous by doing so. There is nothing wrong in it but because being self-interests does not make or feel noble we disguise it in something more socially acceptable. Often the people who are most self-absorbed will cover their action in something moral or saintly. They tell you they did this because of this or that reason confused by their appearance when it is time for asking them for their assistance, you will often appeal to their sense of gratitude, their righteous justice or their friendly feeling. You will then get frustrated or disappointed when they politely decline to help or put you long enough that you yourself give up. They will tell you they can’t help you because of some reason never revealing the real reason to for this behavior- that there is nothing in it for themselves.
When you are asking for any kind of favor or help do not bother yourself by reminding them of your past assistance or the relation you share. They will find a way to ignore you. Instead, you must wrap your request in something they want. Learn to see things from their eyes what benefits they can have by doing you favor maybe by helping you they can earn wealth for themselves, it can give them some position or power or maybe they can earn a lot of praise from many people and look noble by doing so. In any case, do not get confused your need with theirs. Make your work revolve around their interest or desire all of which make him your ally.
Panoti (unlucky): – There are people who really are a victim of some misfortunate event and they deserve all the sympathy we have but there are people who draw misfortune to themselves and the people around them by their destructive nature and unsettling effect on others.
These people have some inward instability which radiates outward and attracts misfortune. You may think they are the victim and try to help them but usually, the dynamic reverses and you yourself entangled in their problem. They have very dramatic nature and victim persona which make you think they are in trouble because of this person or this event which make it difficult to see their misfortunes are self-inflicted. Try to identify these people by the effect they have on the world. They have a long list of misfortune they draw upon themselves, they have unsettled relations and very turbulent past.
When you suspect you are in presence of injector- Don’t argue, don’t try to help them, don’t pass them to your friend just flee from their presence or suffer the consequences.
If Panoti attracts misfortune to themselves then there are people who attract fortune to themselves by their cheerful nature. Try to associate with them to share in prosperity they draw upon themselves.

Recognize the fortunate so that you may choose their company and the unfortunate so that you avoid them. Misfortune is usually the crime of folly, and among those who suffer from it, there is no malady more contagious. Never open your door for least of misfortune; for you do many other will follow in its train……
Do not die of another’s misery
                                                Baltasar Gracian (The Art of Worldly Wisdom)

Passive Aggression: – In the past people found honor and pride in having what they want by sheer force and believe in Might are Right or Survival of the Fittest. But now we are more civilized and the idea of Might is Right is highly discouraged. Everyone want is seen moral and liked by as many people as possible. Yet it is a human nature to be aggressive or have negative feelings for others. Unable to express this openly without being disliked more and more people are using passive aggression.
Passive Aggression as the name suggest is being both passive and aggressive simultaneously. They make outward appearance of being friendly even loving but inwardly planning and plotting your downfall. Most often their behavior is relatively harmless: Perhaps they praise you in front and gossip behind your back or offer help but never follow through. These common techniques are better ignored, Never take them personally you have more important work to do then be entangled in these petty issues but there are people who are passive-aggressive warriors and can literally ruin your life.
Your best defense is to recognize such types and avoid them like the plague. The most obvious clues came from their track records- they have a reputation, you hear stories about their past deeds. Take a look on people around them are they act with unusual caution and terror in their presence?
If they are delaying some important task of yours, and make you feel guilty and leave you unsure why or they act harmfully but make it seem like an accident then you are most likely under passive-aggressive attack. If you suspect someone attacking you but making the appearance of being friendly then discard their exterior and focus only on their action you have a clear picture.
Once you suspect someone is passive-aggressive then you have one of two options: either get out of their way leave their presence or return the attack with something equally indirect signaling that messing with you will come with a price which often discourages them and make them find another victim. At all cost, avoid entangling yourself emotionally in their drama and battles. They are the master in controlling dynamic, and you will almost lose in the end.

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