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The mobile photography Hacks you need to know!

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Even if it is not a passionate one but there lies a hidden photographer in almost everyone in this generation. While all of the mass is not fortunate enough to carry a DSLR in their hands but they sure have a smartphone deep down in their pockets, and that can work amazingly *wink wink*.
Here are some basic yet very useful hacks you would need to click wonders with your smartphone.

Ditch the flash

Yes. The flash that you’ve been thinking was an amazing tool for you is actually nothing more than a spoiler. 
In a smartphone’s digital camera, when you use the flash there are always high chances of shadows or reflection of your subject, blurred out parts and awful eyes.
There can even be chances that your flash might leave some parts to be very dark, while lighting up other parts.

Clean the lens

You really need a handy and soft cleaner cloth for the sake of your lens. Dirt, dust or fingerprints on the lens are going to make a big effect on your photograph. These block the light to properly fall on the sensor and ultimately gift your image some smudges, blurs or dark spots. A clean lens can actually make a difference in clicking sharper and clearer images.

Always focus on focus

The most important thing you need to be doing while clicking a picture with your smartphone is that to note that your subject is having very sharp focus. Thanking your stars, it just requires a long tap on the subject on your screen to set focus on the object and lock it. 
The skill which is required in this part is that you really need to have a very steady hand so that your camera is not moving and the focus is not shifting to unnecessary objects. 
For making it easy for the users, the market now has smartphone tripods where you just fix   your device for achieving perfect steadiness and use a timer shot to get the picture clicked. This indeed proves to be very helpful.

Learn the rule of thirds

This rule takes your positioning of a picture to the next level. According to this rule, you mentally divide the picture into a 3×3 grid and then, take the primary subject of your picture along either the left or the right line. You must always try to take the horizontal secondary objects or the horizons in your background along either of the horizontal lines of this grid.
   This, with practice, provides you a great sense of positioning of objects in your picture.
   Fortunately, many smartphone cameras have this ‘grid’ feature which can help the user to take perfectly positioned shots.

Vary your perspectives

Your perspectives are all about the number of different and creative ways in which you can see an object that a normal eye can’t. 
A casually standing man can never know how a place, thing or a person might appear when viewed from different heights and angles. 
You must learn to play with your perspectives; take a ground level shot or a bird’s view by standing at some height or lie down on the ground to click wonders. The point is about experimenting. It’s about showing the viewers what they might haven’t expected.

. . . So charge up your smartphone, move out and capture the world. 

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