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How To Format USB Drive using CMD?

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Have you ever faced a situation like your pen drive is showing less space then actual?

No need to worry you can restore it to default just by these simple steps.

The Removable Disk is showing 2.64 GB but actually it is of 8 GB.
I am going to restore it to its original size that is 8 GB.

Step 1: Open CMD as administrator  and type DISKPART and hit enter (this is the main step).

Step 2:Type “LIST DISK” (it will list all the disks connected to your computer)

Type ‘List Disk’ for showing total number of disk.

Step 3: Type “select disk 1” (as for my pen drive it is disk 1 you can look it up by size of your pen drive)

Use ‘Select Disk 1’ , Disk number is depend on our system.

Step 4: Type “CLEAN” and hit enter.

Step 5: Type “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY” and hit enter.

Here we use command ‘Create Partition Primary’.

Step 6:Now Type “EXIT” and hit enter.

Step 7: Now  Format your USB Drive in my computer. Your drive will be restored to original size after formatting. And Bingo you successfully made it πŸ™‚

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