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It’s been a while that the Samsung new phone Galaxy Note 7 was out for sale via Amazon Inc. But from recent while the mobile tech giant Samsung is calling back all it’s phone, there are many reasons that the company has to call back all it’s headsets as customers or buyers are facing many problems and some of these problems can really lead to a serious damage or harm to a person.All these things make Samsung to call back all their Samsung galaxy note 7 handset and to fix them or provide customers with  replacement .
There are many cases of battery explosion at the time of charging.These cases are significantly increasing, apart from the battery problem there are many issues that made the company to call the flagship most hyped smartphone back home. After battery it is the screen that broke up out of no where as it can’t even handle the smallest impact on it, even the apple iPhone can handle a little of the daily life drops and impacts that they get when someone place it in their purse or in pocket with some keys.

Galaxy note 7 exploded as battery got failed

This is the image that  we found that shows the damaged Samsung galaxy note 7, looks like the battery got leaked or exploded. The battery explode while charging and in some cases that can be harmful mostly when you are using it or you placed it somewhere near you while you are sleeping or sitting some where so there are many risk that start creating their room in people market.

Samsung note 7 with broken screen.

The next issue I’m talking about here is the screen that you can face when you place your phone or your Note 7 in your purse or in your pocket holding your car keys, u receive a call and all of a sudden your heart sank when you see the screen is broken or having a big crack on it. All you want to do is to throw the phone away and in some case you end up crying.
And the tears not going to end here as only the screen can cost only 18000 rupees in India or $290 dollars. So be careful when you are using your note 7, but here a good news for you the Samsung recalls all of the samsung note 7 handset and will fix the issue.

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