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Internet of Things (Info graph).

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We in 21st century are going to witness the biggest changes in the world of technology. The internet of things is paving their way down the years. There is a lot of buzz about it, which not be avoided. Because it is indeed the next big thing. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by embedded sensors and actuators in machines and other physical objects.
 All most everyone is using smart phones and is addicted to it. Use of smart watches is also a success.  Now it’s time for smart houses, buildings and offices; where your simple text from your phone can open door for you, or will take care of temperature before you arrive. Can’t wait to own one.  The other day I came to know about a pressure cooker which could connect to wifi and can be operated using the connection. Hold on! If you think that these sensible devices are just going to make our lives comfortable, you are mistaken my dear; there is more to it. We would also be able to install a smart device, say inside the pillars of flyovers. The sensor of the devices will be able to judge the strength of the pillar or its ability to hold the flyover. If there is any sign of danger, it would inform the authorities. You see how these devices going to change our lives.
Mobile networks already deliver connectivity to a broad range of devices, enabling the development of innovative new services and applications. This new wave of connectivity is going beyond tablets and laptops; to connected cars and buildings; TVs and game consoles; smart meters and traffic control; with the prospect of intelligently connecting almost anything and anyone. This is what the GSMA refers to as the “Connected Life”. As the Connected Life evolves, the number of mobile connections worldwide is set to rise dramatically to reach 10.5 billion by 2020, while the total number of connected devices across all access technologies could reach 25.6 billion . These devices will bridge the physical and digital worlds, enabling a new category of services that improve the quality of life and productivity of individuals, society and enterprises. This Internet of Things – a widely distributed, locally intelligent network of smart devices – will enable extensions and enhancements to fundamental services in education, health and other sectors, as well as providing a new ecosystem for application development. By enabling devices to communicate with each other independently of human interaction, the Internet of Things will open up new revenue streams, facilitate new business models, drive efficiency and improve the way existing services across many different sectors are delivered. It will represent a very important demand-side stimulus that helps finance the deployment of mobile broadband networks around the world.

Welcome to a lifestyle which we can actually call perfect and smart.

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