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Creating Wallpapers from your Favorite Movie

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We all are familiar with with wallpapers and we also know how to set or change wallpapers on our systems and the fun fact about that is, it is very easy to do that stuff. Now comes the worst part which wallpaper is best suited for our system and one more thing that comes is there’s been large variety of wallpapers and some time we are looking for a particular piece of snap, it can be a part of movie. So, for removing this hassle why don’t we just create our own wallpaper that we want. For doing this just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: – First select(Play) any of your favorite movie or any video(Use best quality format for better result).

Here I’m using a movie named “TRANSCENDENCE”

Step 2 : – When you are done with your movie or any media format, pause the movie or the video and then press “PrtSc” key on your key board.

Note : – Don’t forget to press the “PrtSc” button

Step 3 :-  After this “Right Click” anywhere on the “Desktop” and then new, select “Microsoft Word Document“.

Creating new word document.

Step 4 : – When you success fully created word document open it up, when done again right click anywhere in the work space provided within the document.

Click  on paste you and will get a preview or temp. image of your wallpaper. 

Step 5 : – When you are done with that again right click, this time on the picture and then select option “save as picture

select option “Save as picture”

Step 6 : – (Final step) enter the file name of your choice and select format, here I’m using JPEG format.

Enter the file name and select “JPEG” format.

Step 7 : – Now you are done all you need to do is to set the picture as your wallpaper.

Done setting up wallpaper.
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