how to run windows based application on linux

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Today we all are familiar with UNIX base OS. Some time we need to run windows based software on them, the problem arises here is that these OS(Ubuntu in our case) does not support “.exe” file extension by default. So for his we need to side load some tools to run these file formats on our system. So follow the steps below.


1.Open the Terminal in Ubuntu by the keys Ctrl + Alt + T

2.Enter the following code in Terminal.

   sudo apt-get install wine

install windows software in ubuntu
                                            Command to install Wine via Terminal

3.It begins downloading wine from Ubuntu repository and begins to Install.

4.Click Ok for the confirmation messages asked during installation.

5.After installation get a Windows executable application file and paste it in your home directory.

6.Now right click on the Windows executable application and select “Open with Wine Windows         Program Loader”.

install windows software in ubuntu

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