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How to change your MAC address quickly!

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Hi friends. In this post I will tell you how to change the  MAC  address of your mobile phone. MAC address i.e. Media Access Control address, it is unique for all devices. It looks just like shown below, where the actual MAC address has been replaced by ‘X’ for security purposes.

It uses hexa-decimal number system.
Now I will tell you how to find your current MAC address.

Go to Settings>About Phone>Status>

And you will see your MAC address in the end.
(Try a Google search to know more about it)

To change your MAC address, follow the steps given below

1) Root your phone (This was tested mostly on Samsung devices, so beware).

2) Install any advanced file manager like Root Explorer, Root Browser Lite, ES File Manager etc.

3) Download Wireless MAC Changer from the Google Play Store or just click on the link given below.…cchanger&hl=en

4) Go to data/ and change the MAC address as you wish.

5) Go to data/misc/wifi/ and type same MAC address as in the previous step.

6) Now open Wireless MAC Changer app and just click on “srt real MAC back”.

7) Congrats! now you MAC address has successfully been changed. 

To check whether your MAC address has been changed, go to 

Go to Settings>About Phone>Status>

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